Saurus CMS 4.7.0 goes open source

23rd April 2010 by René Lasseron | 5 comments

Yes, we finally did it. Welcome to the new era of version 4.7.0 with renewed license policy, package naming and access to the source code.

Instead of three basic packages, previously called Free, SE and Full, we now have just one which should fit the needs of most complex modern websites.

What's included

The new product package includes the following :

  • Everything previously found in Saurus CMS SE
  • Section-based meta-info management (SEO)
  • User access/permissions (ACL)
  • Profiles and Custom Assets
  • Internal cache

Of course there are no limitations over content volume.

Package naming

Version 4.7.0 will be released as Saurus CMS CE (Community Edition) and Saurus CMS EE (Enterprise Edition).

Saurus CMS CE

Community Edition is open source and licensed as MPL 1.1. This means you can freely use, distribute and sell it. You can also add modifications with condition that these modifications are published under the same license. Also, you can embed it to bigger projects which can use other licenses.

The source code is manged at Github.

We do not offer warranty or official support for CE but keep an eye on forum at all times.

Saurus CMS EE

Enterprise Edition is sold as annual service level agreement (SLA) covering commercial product code, problem solving, support and consultation about product usage, installation, upgrading, development.

Although the functionality is comparable to Community Edition, each release of Enterprise Edition is thoroughly tested by Saurus. Also the release cycle is much more conservative.

The EE pricing depends on the service volume, time and number of sites covered.
EE source code is currently closed as it contains commercial modules. We are in process of re-packaging them as extensions - when done, EE code will be open sourced.


Additional functionality for both EE and CE is available as extensions. Currently some functionality embedded as modules still only work for EE.

What else changes

The offer of -80% discount for same customer for additional products will be discontinued as CE is free for everybody and EE pricing depends on number of sites.

We also discontinued offering free Saurus CMS SE for NGO-s as the Community Edition gives much more compared to current SE.

We will no longer offer trial licenses for new releases. You can still order those for versions 4.6.5 and earlier.

Paid services

Saurus offers range of services related to Saurus CMS: training, consultation, installation, upgrade. Also, we can develop new functionality or extensions for you.

Who can move to Community Edition?

Users of Saurus CMS Free will get rid of the content volume limit and gain additional functionality.

Users of Saurus CMS SE get additional functionality.

Users of Saurus CMS Full will loose some functionality.

Previous and new packages compared

Please download the comparison in PDF format.

29th April 2010
Lahedad kommentaarid koodis Smile

# if trying to open existing, but not published object JA kui useril POLE õigust näha avaldamata objekte, then show 404 error page
René Lasseron
30th April 2010
Ajalooline värk...
1st May 2010
Puurisin ka natuke koodi ja paistab üpris nutune.
Kas on olemas ka koodibaasi dokumentatsioon, sest mitte-eestlasele on lähtekoodis oreienteerumine põmst võimatu?

Loodetavasti on olemas eesti veebifirmades, kus saurust kasutataud piisavalt olemasolevat know-howd, ja huvi et asja edasi arendada.

Kas ma saan aru et Saurus ise arendab projekti ka ise edasi ja pordib kõik arendused kommerts-versiooni edasi, või on see lihtsalt fork?
René Lasseron
4th May 2010
Täiega inglise keelde pole hetkel plaanis kommentaare, muutujaid ja väjanimesid portida aga teeme üldise ülevaate kuidas kood toimib.

Saurus jääb koodi ikka edasi arendama jah, st paralleelselt CE ja kommerts-versiooni mille samad featuurid hoiame sünkroonis.
20th May 2010
inglisekeelsed klasside, muutujate nimed ja kommid peaks coding standard olema

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