Making changes and committing through

Saurus CMS CE source code is hosted on the To make any changes to the codebase you should have an GitHub user account and Git version control system installed. You can find Git installation packages and tutorials at

To contribute to the Saurus CMS CE codebase you must create your own fork of the project. To do this, you simply click the “fork” button on the  Saurus CMS CE project's page.

Use your favorite Git client to clone your repository, make any changes, commit them locally and push the changes back to your fork.

Always check that your commit does not include:

  • config.php
  • .htaccess files
  • contents of /public and /shared folders
  • contents of /classes/smarty/templates and /classes/smarty/templates_c folders.

It would be best to add those files into the file named ".gitignore" as soon as you have pulled the project the first time.

After this you should let us know about your modifications to the code. To do that, create a new issue detailing your changes in the issue tracker and then send us a pull request from your repository (the button is right next to the fork button).

After accepting your changes, we will close a related issue and tag it with the version number under which the changes are going to be released.

You will find more detailed instructions about forking and collaborating on page: