Saurus CMS and PHP Safe Mode

While Saurus CMS does not directly support fully Safe Mode feature, we do not set any obstacles when it is enabled. Although the system requirements script checks for this and flags it red, the CMS does not stop working because just because Safe Mode is turned on.

Since version 4.5.3 we have been trying to eliminate the portions of code that break with Safe Mode enabled and with following changes to php.ini your site should be fine (the directives associated with Safe Mode are documented here:

safe_mode_gid should be set to true
This is needed because PHP and Apache have different UID values and after Apache uploads a file then PHP process can't access it because of the UID restriction. This option turns off UID check and checks GID instead, so make sure that the Apache and PHP processes have the same GID.

Also if you are using open_basedir directive it should contain absolute path to the CMS installation folder. All file operations check this in addition to the UID check.

Example of these options in Apache Virtual configuration:

<VirtualHost ...>
php_admin_flag safe_mode_gid on
php_admin_value open_basedir "/abolute/path/to/cms/root:/tmp"