What means "USER ERROR: .." message?

  • Error message "USER ERROR: Duplicate e-mail address 'admin@email.com' for admin 'Administrator' (ID: 2). E-mail address will be lost!
  • Error message "USER ERROR: Duplicate username 'admin' for admin 'Administrator' (ID: 2). Username will be lost!

One major difference between Saurus 3 and Saurus 4 is in the user management module. In Saurus 3 registered users and website editors are handled and saved separately, but in Saurus 4 all users are merged  and handled in the same way.

Since user fields "username" and "e-mail" must have unique values over all users, then during conversion an error situation may occur when some registered user has same data as some website editor.

It's important to save these error messages and forward them to the website main editor. All these situations should be resolved manually.

Conversion script unites users by the following rules:

  • registered users data are considered more important than website editors' data.
  • when erroneous value is found then registered user data will always left intact, but some editor's data will be missing. However, the editor itself is always created.


  • add username and e-mail values for broken editors manually in the Saurus CMS admin environment.